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All of us have fantasies about the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend that we would love to have, or just a woman or situation that we would love to be in and get laid, but most of the time life is not fair and we settle for less so that we can have a date or even go further and have a meanigful relationship with a steady partner and thus the ultimate fantasy of our girlfriend fades away.  Finally there is a site that has gathered all of these fantasies and shows them to us fulfilled.  The site
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Welcome to Pandora's Secrets, a unique website for sharing your sexual fantasies and erotic stories with others.  We all have fantasies; it is human nature and perfectly normal -- healthy in fact.  Sexual fantasies play various roles in our lives. They inspire arousal and our desire for sexual intimacy, and can help to sustain it.  They not only trigger orgasms, but can enrich our overall sexual experiences.

Many prefer to keep their erotic fantasies a secret, yet the sharing of sexual fantasies, if communicated with respect and care, can spice up your relationship, bring you closer to and help stay connected with your partner. What's more, playing out a sexual fantasy can be a thrilling experience that leaves us with exciting memories to enjoy over and over again.  At Pandora's Secrets, the first sex fantasy website of its kind, you can share your favorite sexual fantasy with anyone you wish. You can browse through other members' erotic fantasies, exchange comments, make cyber friends, and chat with others, all the while maintaining your privacy and anonymity.

Come and share your most erotic fantasies with us.  You can view here women's sexual fantasies and men's sexual fantasies all for free, all you have to do is free your imagination, unleash your primal urges, and tell us what brings you over the edge.  Or, take a peek at what happens in the erotic playgrounds of other members. We have only one rule -- allow yourself to enjoy the erotic stories and sexual fantasies of others...and who knows, you might make your sexual fantasies a reality one day.

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