Busted my shy wife peeping on our rough neighbor   added 7 years ago    

  By: bradfromadelaide

Last night, whilst getting ready for bed, I walked past our room and noticed my wife peeking sneakily through a thin gap in the curtains. I didn't think anything of it. But she was still peeping 10 minutes later when I walked past again. I was curious, so I snuck up quietly behind her to take a look myself. She was already in her nightie - a sheer, blue piece of lingerie that barely kept her boobs from spilling out. I couldn't help but notice her juicy round ass cheeks, displayed prominently as she leaned forward slightly.

She gave a contained shriek as I came up from behind and leaned over her shoulder. I peered through the curtains and was stunned at what I saw. Rob the neighbor had his curtains drawn back and was sitting naked on the edge of his bed playing with his big solid cock. His legs were spread wide as he partially reclined, leaning on one elbow, his cock in his other hand. He was taking it nice and slow, occasionally massaging his balls and anus. My wife was a voyeur, perving on this rough and tough guy next door. Strangely, this turned me on and I told her to keep watching.

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Slowly I ran my hands up the back of her thighs, gently caressing her ass and then her inner thighs .......and then with an open palm I cupped and rubbed her juicy pussy. It was all gooey and made that sticky sloppy sound every time I rubbed her up. She loved it and whimpered softly, her mouth open as she watched Rob flop his big cock around. By now I was solid so I pulled my cock from my pajamas and used it to stroke her pussy from behind. Her tits had already spilled from her nightie and clearly she wanted a fucking, pushing her ass back even further and gyrating - trying to aim my cock inside her. It found its way and slid in with an oily squelch. I gave her a good pumping from behind, thrusting harder and with more force that ever. I grabbed her head and pushed it hard against the window, not caring that Rob would be able to see. And see he did. Watching me fuck my wife, he stepped up to his window and jerked off furiously. His cum splattered the window like pelican shit, our window was covered with my wife's saliva. Seeing this, I pulled out and managed a couple of thrusts between her ass cheeks before blowing over her back and nightie.

She was still leaning over the window edge as Rob quickly closed his curtains. We stayed a little longer, watching Rob's cum slowly trickle down the glass. No doubt he'll clean it up sometime ? Or will he leave it for his wife to discover ? One thing was certain, it was going to be awkward the next time we ran into Rob or his missus.

And awkward it was - beyond belief. I'm still reeling. To be continued........

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