The Forbidden Fruit   added 5 years ago    

  By: Elle

I get out of the bathroom, all wet, covered with a small towel that barely hides anything. It is a late afternoon and the drapes are shut so there’s hardly any light in the room. But as soon as I close the bathroom door I realize I'm not alone in my apartment. Without moving, I look around but see nobody. I shake my head thinking that I am fantasizing again.

- Here, Elle. I’m here. – I quickly turn around and see a male figure sitting in one of the sofas. I stare for a second trying to recognize the man and make two steps towards him. I am not afraid at all. I cast a quick glance at my bare wet shoulder with the sign tattooed on it. Since I have a dan in ai ki do, even naked I can handle most men with just a few moves. Besides, - my thought keeps flowing – the voice sounds almost ridiculously familiar. I cross my arms and say nothing, while the shadow stands up and also approaches.

In the next second I recognize him and roll my eyes in tedium.

- Ben. I thought I changed the locks after I finally dumped your ass.

- Nice to see you too, gorgeous. – My ex boyfriend is watching me with lust and approval. I have to admit he looks well too. He’s gotten even more muscular, but also more elegant in a way. His dark blond hair is shorter making him look almost as old as his 33 years. I sense the smell of his perfume and before I know it memories flash through my mind.

Ben and I met four years ago when I was an impressionable, 18-year old freshman and he was the owner of three of the most popular clubs in town. It didn’t take him long to make me fall for him and we dated for three years. At first it was amazing. Ben was generous, caring, passionate. He almost immediately bought me my own apartment (the one I’ve been living ever since) and we moved in together right before I turned 19. Everything from the lifestyle to the mind-blowing sex - was perfect. But soon the problems began. Apart from being caring and protective, Ben was also obsessive, always suspicious and jealous.

We used to fight all the time and every guy that approached me ended up with some sort of trauma after having been beaten up by Ben or his… friends. I put up with this for a while but when my best friend ended up in hospital, after Ben’s gorillas had mistaken his girlfriend with me, and broke his arm, I told Ben we were over. At first he wouldn’t let me go and after numerous long talks he talked me into staying in the apartment and he moved out. A few months later I heard he had moved to another country and I hadn’t heard of him ever since.

Ben’s voice interrupts my thoughts:

- So, what’s new? How’s Michael? – I’m not surprised he’s done his homework.

- None of your business. Now tell me what you want and get out. Actually, you can skip telling me what’s on your mind (I’m sure it’s something disgusting) and move on to the part of leaving.

- Geez, baby, you haven’t changed at all. Actually, – he lifts my chin with one hand - you have. You’ve gotten hotter. – and with the other pulls me towards himself and stares into my eyes.

- Don’t make me, Ben. – I boldly respond to his look. – You know I can break your spine with exactly three moves. Actually – I look down for a second – with your hands placed like that, I’ll need two.

Ben laughs and releases me.

- Well, - Ben goes to the bar and pours a glass of scotch - the truth is I’m here on business…

- Go figure. - I get into my closet and start getting dressed.

- … but my meeting tonight got canceled and I wanted to see if you’re up for… something. I know Michael is out of town.  – he adds, who knows why.

While he’s talking, I am getting dressed in my closet. I have hardly put on black laced hot pants and a bra, when I realize Ben is standing right behind me. I sense his warmth, smell his scent... A second later his hand slides down my crotch, his fingers gently press against the lips of my pussy except for his middle finger which strikes my clit right on the tip, making me shiver from the waist down.

- You know, I also need just a few moves to… lay you low. – Having said the last words, Ben presses me firmly against himself and starts kissing my neck. His gentle lips, hot breath and almost forgotten scent make me close my eyes, although I'm trying to fight the inevitable – Ohh, someone’s been alone for a while. 

I know I can and should struggle. But I always feel helpless in Ben’s strong arms, helpless and so turned on. His touch is so familiar that I ache for more of it. He knows I’d gotten mellow. He turns me around, pulls me forwards and our lips meet. I'm not myself anymore, I no longer control everything and can't wait to go with the flow. Pressing me against the wall, Ben unhooks my bra and releases my breasts. Kneading and kissing them impatiently, he's enjoying how their firm ampleness fills both his hands up. I feel his hard cock through his jeans and can't wait to release it.

- Oh, Elle, you are so damn hot... I’m still like a high-schooler before you. – Having uttered this he lifts me up like I weigh nothing and takes me to the kitchen table, puts me on it and keeps kissing me, while his hands are sliding down my naked shivering body. Feeling the thin barrier of my panties, Ben tears them apart at once. Then he pulls up a chair, sits on it and spreads my legs. His head is between my thighs and I moan feeling the wet touch of his tong. His lips are sucking my pussy thirstily, the tip of his tong working its way deeper into me. I dig my fingers into his hair and involuntarily lift my hips as I feel a spasm of pleasure.

Ben keeps moving his tongue back and forth then takes it out and starts licking my clit so gently that I can go crazy. His tongue is barely touching the most sensitive part of my clit – the tip and the area right behind it. Teasing this area, Ben knows very well, makes me feel the most intensive orgasm, while striking the portion after the tip, gives a mind-blowing semi-painful twist of the orgasm. So he keeps teasing me, making the craving gather up more and more into my genital area.

I can hardly breathe, when he starts licking the back part of my clit more and more intensely until we both feel the orgasm ready to explode in me. Seconds before that happens, he makes me turn around, spreads my legs and continues licking my cunt from behind, which makes me orgasm harder than ever. While I’m rocking he’s rhythmically striking my clit at the “painful” area. I scream and shudder and when my hands can't hold me anymore, Ben catches me,  pulls me towards himself and starts hugging and kissing my still shivering body.

 When I stop trembling, he lifts me up again, brings me to the bed and lays me on it. I stand on my knees and help him undress quickly. I make him sit on the bed, get off of it and kneel in front of him. The sight of his perfect, thick, pink, throbbing penis makes me crave him twice as much. Without hesitation, I put it in my mouth and start gently licking his shaft while softly massaging his balls. Ben groans loudly and helplessly lets me do my thing. I suck his cock harder with utmost pleasure, from time to time gently “drawing” circles around its big head. I sense he’s about to cum so I take a breath and seconds later feel his cum down my throat while he’s spasming and pressing my head firmly against him. Then he collapses on the bed breathing heavily.

Of course in the meantime I’ve got hornier. I know that once Ben has cum, he can fuck me for hours as soon as he regains his strength. And I know exrtactly how to help him. While he’s still breathing heavily, I climb on top of him and start touching myself with my eyes closed. I stick my middle finger into my pussy and start moving it, moaning and licking my upper lip. I start kissing him, sliding my breasts up and down his chest and moving my hips back and forth.

And minutes later, Ben’s ready. He roughly pushes me on the bed, lifts my right leg up, places himself in the warm place between my thighs, and starts drilling my pussy. It is so awesome, so rough… Suddenly he slides his dick out of my pussy and puts it in my mouth. I suck it for a while and then he continues fucking me hard. 

His abs is glistening with sweat. After he's fucked me like this for about half an hour, I gently make him lie down, climb on top of him and sit on his hard cock. It roughly rams my cunt and I moan with pleasure. I start moving back and forth faster and faster, fucking him almost fiercely. 

- Oh, babe, you’re still the best. Keep going, don’t stop.

My pussy is so soaked that Ben’s dick is sliding in and out of it extremely easy. He takes my breasts and starts massaging them again. Suddenly I stop, take his cock out of me, turn around and mount it again. Now with Ben facing my back, he takes me by the hips and starts bouncing me harder and harder until I’m screaming. Then he slaps my butt and orders me to get on my hands and knees, while he gets behind me, slides his cock into my cunt and starts railing me viciously from behind all the while slapping my butt cheeks loudly.

- Ohhh, now I got you, Elle. I’m gonna destroy that tiny, tight pussy of yours.

Slosh, slosh, slosh… I hear the sound of his dick banging my soaked cunt and his testicles slapping against my butt cheeks. Then suddenly I feel my pussy and asshole contract in anticipation. I wonder whether Ben will try to stick it up in my butt. When we were together we tried anal just once, but I hated it and told him to never mention it again. 

As if he’s read my thoughts, Ben carefully starts touching the tender skin around my butthole.

- Mmmm – I wanna show him it’s safe to continue. He slowly stops fucking me, takes his cock out and I feel a thrill of anticipation.

But instead of shoving his penis right into my ass, Ben lowers down and soon I feel his tongue all over my rear. It is incredible. He’s soaking, licking and stroking the small hole for so long that I can’t take it anymore.

- Fuck me, Ben…

- Sure? – He’s caressing my back while I feel the warmness of his genital area close to my wet, shivering anal.

I say nothing, just reach back, take him by the hard cock and start sticking it into my butt myself.

- Ohhh, babe… You’ve changed more than I thought. Don’t stop, stick it in. Stick it deep in that beautiful ass…

But it’s not easy. The big head of his penis can’t pass through the tight hole. Ben gently takes his dick from my hands and keeps pushing himself, groaning with pleasure.

- Ohhhhhhhhhh, it is so tiiight… - He groans while I cry in pain. He keeps pushing the big head and suddenly the whole shaft slides down my sweaty ass.

Mmmmm.....My asshole feels soooo good – painful, stretched, filled up, ready to be scratched real hard. Ben senses how ready I am and starts fucking my ass with no hesitation. At first he’s careful, but soon realizes how much I enjoy it and the pounding intensifies.

- Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh – I groan while he’s ramming my ass… - Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me in the ass… harder..

- Yeah, baby... I'll fuck you... In the ass... I'll fuck you in the ass the whole night long....Mmm, you like it rough, right… Oh, you're my dirty little slut. – Having blurted that out Ben grabs my asscheeks and starts banging me like a machine. I moan and whine while his hard cock keeps bruising my wet asshole. 

He keeps pounding me hard and soon I know he’s close and so am I. I reach down and start rubbing my clit. Feeling that my asshole is contracting, Ben starts banging me towards himself and seconds later I start cumming again while he’s also shooting his semen deeper and deeper into my asshole groaning with pleasure. Ben then collapses over me and only after a couple of minutes finds himself able to slide his cock out of my sore, dripping asshole.

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Elle    (2011-02-19 09:00:11)    Flag as inappropiate
thank you! :)
vaise_shepard    (2011-02-11 22:35:46)    Flag as inappropiate
amazingly hot story, thanks for sharing this i look forward to reading more of your works

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