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  By: bailey61

So, to begin with we “finally” decide to meet for a drink. The place doesn’t matter as long as they have alcohol (for various reasons). I get there a bit early and grab a seat at the bar with a view of the entrance. Shortly after I get there you walk in. I catch your eye as you scan the room and immediately my heart skips a beat. It’s been a long time and the anticipation of the night certainly gets the better of me. You look stunning. You’re wearing exactly what I had hoped you would (something to show off your body to the fullest). It starts with a tight white blouse that helps accentuate your fantastic breasts. It’s unbuttoned down just far enough for me to catch a glimpse of your sexy bra. I’m enthralled already.


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Going on though you’re also wearing a perfectly form fitting short black skirt that does everything possible to show what a great ass you have. Couple that with the hose and the “fuck me” 4 inch spiked heels and it’s the perfect picture. Tall, beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t be more pleased about the woman standing in front of me. Now, that first physical contact. I still remember how well your body fit with mine all those years ago. This was even better. You smell divine and the body I’ve fantasized about for so long is still all that, and then some. It just feels so good. The kiss is a light one on the lips to say hello but leaves the impression there’s much more there to be explored later.

As usual we go on a while about our families, work and friends. It’s nice to hear about some of it but after a while I’m simply doing all I can to hold back the urge to reach over and kiss you on the mouth hard. I want you to feel the passion that’s building up inside of me by seeing you. I just do it. You’re a little surprised but catch yourself and return my advance with equal passion. Now the talk starts to get more interesting…


We start to take a little trip down memory lane and talk about some of the more memorable moments we shared. It starts the flirting off perfectly. You give me that “I want to do so many nasty things to you” look and my cock starts to stir. Knowing what that means so well is almost too much. Without thinking about it we’ve come to be sitting much closer to each other. Your perfume and the heat I can feel from you is mesmerizing. Touching your thigh and imagining my hand sliding up your skirt to touch your very wet cunt drives me a little crazy. You can see it in my eyes and almost beg me to do it right then and there. I lean back and take a drink before it goes too far.

It’s been about an hour now and we both know where this is headed. Thankfully the bar is across the street from a hotel and it’s time to pay the tab. As we head across the street we can’t help but touch each other and act as if this is the first time. The anticipation is palpable and growing by the minute. We check in and head for the elevator to go up to the room. That’s when it really hits. As soon as the door closes I throw you back against the wall and press my body hard against you. You find my mouth with yours and kiss me deep and hard. My hands are grabbing your breasts through your bra and I can tell how fantastic they are. Your nipples are hard and just waiting to be pinched and bitten. I eventually reach my hand up under your skirt to feel your very hot, wet, inviting pussy.

To my surprise you aren’t wearing any panties as you removed them in the restroom at the bar before we left. It throws me off the cliff. Sliding my finger inside you almost brings you to your first orgasm. You beg me to pull it out so you can taste it. I do and savor the moment watching you. Then the door opens and we’re brought back to reality for a minute. We collect ourselves and make our way to the room.


Here’s where the night takes a little different turn. We’re both so beyond turned on that I want to slow it down a bit and take control. This is going to be an evening we’ll never forget and I’m going to make sure of that. You want to continue what we started in the elevator but I have other ideas. As much as I’d like to have control though I do lose myself a bit when I push you up against the wall with your ass to me. I hold you tight with one arm against the small of your back and proceed to use my other hand to move up and down your entire body. Reaching around to roughly grab your breasts, sliding it down the front of your skirt to again touch your very hot cunt. I let me finger tease your tight asshole to make sure you remember how much I liked it as well. Then to all of those spots I know you like me to touch.

When I’m done groping your body I take you by the hand and lead you to the edge of the bed. At this point I proceed to remove your blouse and skirt. The sight of finally seeing you in that sexy lingerie that I’ve pictured a thousand times is beyond intense. My hands are again drawn to touch you and fell the silky smoothness of your body and the attire you wear so well. But I have a plan. I grab a chair from the side of the room and have you sit in it with room for me to move all around you. The simple sight of you sitting there, your legs spread, arched back and breasts straining to be released from your bra almost makes me pull out my cock and cum right there. It’s heavenly to me. So far you’ve only be able to imagine what my body looks like now.

\I’m not ready for you to know just yet so I place a blindfold on you. You resist but quickly realize this is my plan and give in. As I start to undress I tell you about some of the things I have in store for you. I walk around to the back of the chair and lean in very close so you can feel my presence and smell my cologne. You’re quivering in anticipation of what I might do, or not do. I’ve taken off my shirt and I’m now in front of you. I straddle your thighs so I can press my body against you. The feeling of my flat stomach and chest against your skin brings back wonderful thoughts. You reach up to touch my body and I step back. I want you to sit still and let me raise your level of excitement.

You relax a bit and I continue by taking off my jeans. Now in just my boxer briefs I really start to use my body against yours to bring us both to a new level. At this point I can’t keep your hands off of me, and don’t want to. You instinctively find your way to my cock. It’s now as hard as it’s been in months and you love the feel of it in your hands. So do I! I stop you for a minute so I can pull it out and place it near your lips. You don’t hesitate to take it. The taste of it and the way it fits in your mouth takes you back a long ways. And it feels so incredible to have your warm, wet mouth on me. You suck my cock and lick my shaved balls for a good ten minutes before I can’t stand it anymore. I pull away and lift you up from the chair. We kiss again, deep and hard.


Our naked bodies pressed against each other feels better than either of us thought it would. My hands find their way to all of those wonderful places I’ve been waiting to touch. And the feeling of your hands on all of my body is something I’ve missed, even more than I thought. Eventually we fall back onto the bed and the serious grinding begins. I push you back and make my way up your body. I want my cock in your mouth again and I don’t give you a choice. You gladly oblige knowing how much I enjoy it. I also continue farther up so you can lick my smooth balls and run your tongue over my ass. Again, a feeling that’s beyond what I remember. You want me to stay there so you can stick your tongue into my ass but I’m not ready for that just yet. I want to return the favor of what you’ve already done.

I make my way down your body spending lots of time roughly playing with your breasts and pinching your hard nipples. You love the pain it evokes and beg me to play harder. While I’m enjoying your glorious breasts you lean down to put your tongue on one of your nipples and I swear I could come right then and there. It’s a sight I’ve played over in my head so many times and I can’t believe it’s right before my eyes again. This could go on for hours but I resist that temptation and continue down your body, caressing every inch as I go. I finally reach what I was really looking for. Your hot, wet and beautifully trimmed cunt. It smells so good and the moment my tongue tastes you I remember everything about it.

How tight it was, how much I love it visually and how nicely my cock always slid into it. Not to mention how much the sight of your fingers sliding deep inside of it always sent me off the deep end. I roll you onto your side so I can slide my tongue down over your ass. It’s so smooth and sweet and I can’t wait for what I get to watch you do with it later. My fingers are also busy touching your clit and sliding just a little bit inside of your pussy. You almost scream with pleasure when I do. This continues for a while longer until you simply want nothing more than to feel my cock inside of you. By this time you’re literally begging me to fuck you. And although I might be tempted to make you wait a little longer I can’t. The thought of being inside of you has me going crazy as well.


You force the situation by pulling my mouth up to yours so you can taste your pussy on my lips and tongue. The look in your eyes as you do it makes me only that much harder. With me lying between your long, spread legs my cock naturally finds its way to your hot, wet cunt. The feeling from the first moment it slides in just a little is unbelievable. You gasp and grab me tighter. When I plunge my cock all the way in deep you almost scream. For whatever reason I hold myself still for just a brief moment to feel that wonderful sensation. My cock deep inside of you, our hot bodies pressed so tightly together and your fingernails digging lightly into my ass as we stare into each others eyes. We’ve wondered about this exact moment for so long it’s hard to imagine it’s actually happening. After a few seconds I start to fuck you with all the passion and sexual energy I’ve built up for years

. You are an exquisite sexual partner in every conceivable way. I’m in heaven. We switch positions many times to experience different feelings. For me it’s also a matter of filling my mind with all of the visions I’ll need to sustain me in case this incredible opportunity never presents itself again. I want to see all of you in every imaginable way. Your body is so sexy and you use it to make me feel as good or better than I ever hoped to. Sliding your fingers in your tight ass to feel the shaft of my cock inside you, roughly playing with your fantastic breasts and saying all the nastiest things are almost too much. And the whole time you’re looking into my eyes to see how your actions are affecting me.

Should you lick your nipples and when you do how does that intensify how hard I’m fucking you? What about pushing me away so you can suck on my cock and tell me how much you enjoy the taste? You do all of these things and more. You’ve taken me to my limit and now I want to take you to yours. I find the ability to regain control of the situation and do just that.


I can tell by looking in your eyes that you’re ready to let go. Knowing what that means brings a renewed energy to my efforts. I think back on what it was that usually brought about your most intense orgasms. I was usually on top of you with my cock deep inside. Your hands might be playing with your breasts and you might have a finger deep in your ass. I would slide my hand down the front of your body and use my fingers to lightly touch your sensitive clit. Gently caressing it directly  or the area around it. I could feel the momentum building inside of you. You would either ask or I simply knew when to move faster or slower or press a little harder. My fingers are getting wetter as the seconds go by. You ask me to bring them to your mouth and you suck them clean. Another one of the many facets that make you the most unbelievable lover.

This goes on for a few more minutes before it hits hard. You explode against my stomach. It’s a feeling I remember so well and couldn’t be more satisfied that I was able to give you that once again. You also can’t believe you’re feeling that sensation again. We’re soaked in all that “sex” and it’s powerful. I slow things down a bit for you to regain some senses. I also want to spend more time watching you and enjoying the control I’ve gained with your orgasm. My cock makes its way to your mouth again so you can taste your juices on me. And now I want to feel your tongue in my ass as well. You don’t waste any time getting to the business of pleasuring me. You want nothing else at that moment and push my onto my back and get started.

After licking my cock and stomach clean you move your mouth down to my ass. You spread my legs a little further so you can slide your tongue over my balls and into me. I make all sorts of sounds showing my enjoyment all the while pulling your mouth harder against me. This is so great. Not only the feeling of what you’re doing but knowing that it gives you so much pleasure to do it. I’m stroking my cock as you perform your magic and I can’t believe how hard it is. Now I’m ready for a little more fucking though. I pull you up to me and have you straddle me. I want to look up at you as I slide deep inside one more time. And I really want to see and play with those beautiful, full breasts.

You don’t hesitate to help me. Watching you bring your nipple to your mouth and tease it brings a look to my face you remember so well. You love the bit of power it gives you. You lean down close holding your breast firm. You then guide your hard nipple to my mouth. Once I’ve taken it a bit you pull back to make me bite it a little harder. All the while your tight pussy is sliding slowly up and down on my cock. It’s all feels and looks so good! But I can’t take any more of this. Everything has been adding up and I’m so ready to come.


The last thing I want you to do for me is pleasure yourself. I want to watch you touch every inch of your naked, exposed body while I watch. No lights down low or anything like that. I want to see your beautiful body in all its glory. The best thing about my need is that you know exactly what it is. Your hands work up and down your body, stopping as you see my expressions change. I’m not sure who’s getting more from this and it doesn’t really matter. I’m please beyond imagination. You know so well what to do and continue building up to that moment. I could come at any time but know what that means so I hold back. I want a few more moments of watching you play with your breasts, slide your fingers inside your cunt and ass and the sounds of your voice saying things I can only dream about.

The time comes when once again you slide your finger deep into your pussy while pinching your hard nipples and asking me if that turns me on. No more chance of holding back. I let go and spray my hot come all over your beautifully cunt and sexy stomach. Oh my god does that moment feel good. And the satisfied look on your face only adds to the pure joy I’m experiencing. After I’m done I look down at you and take it all in for a few more moments before collapsing next to you on the bed. We both just lay there for a while. The room smells like a small orgy took place and we bask in it. As time moves along we both gather ourselves and reality starts to sneak back in. Not in a bad way but in a way that says savor this moment for all it’s worth. Life is short and this simple pleasure is something we together shared better than any other. Let’s just enjoy it.


We part with nothing said about the future. Our last hug and kiss say only that we still care for and miss one another. What that might mean about ever seeing each other again only time will tell. I hope we do but until then I have this night to remember and relive for as long as it takes. And I thank you for that.                    

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kaywhyjay2    (2012-06-28 22:41:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Wonderfully erotic, my partner and I enjoyed reading it. It gave me a lovely hard cock, she's pleased about that too!
midnightflower    (2011-12-12 19:14:11)    Flag as inappropiate
very erotic and as far as words can get
sunny0    (2011-08-12 21:51:06)    Flag as inappropiate
sunny0 Wishes I still had a friend with benefits like this....
LauraAngel    (2011-06-08 09:45:06)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel Wicked wonderfully exciting............Get's me off, and craving more. I'd enjoy a sex buddy like that. Write some more!!
ora_lee    (2011-05-07 17:59:23)    Flag as inappropiate
ora_lee oh fuck yes!!!!

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