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You really are a curious kitten, always enquiring about my gf and wanting to know how she takes

I was speaking to a lady over the phone named Donna, apparently the hostess. "All first timers

I feel weird that I seem to have stopped posting mostly anything but masturbation accounts. 

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By: ora_lee
I sat, impatiently, in the short stay car parking area, waiting for my phone to ring. It was 9.30, dark outside and here I was dressed only in a loose fitting white shirt, stockings and suspenders.
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By: bailey61
So, to begin with we “finally” decide to meet for a drink. The place doesn’t matter as long as they have alcohol (for various reasons). I get there a bit early and grab a seat at
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By: sexyslut
Ok, this is a little different from the others I've written. Let me know if you like it. :) I'm so excited as I hear your car pull up outside. I've been waiting for this day forever.
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By: Elle
I get out of the bathroom, all wet, covered with a small towel that barely hides anything. It is a late afternoon and the drapes are shut so there’s hardly any light in the
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We have two sex shops in town, both chains, one smack in the high street and one down a side road.I have always wanted to see inside them, especially as one of them advertises all its films constantly
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